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Child Custody

In making the decision about child custody, the Court looks to the "best interests of the child/children". Unfortunately, custody is a highly emotional and contested issue. The court looks to many factors in making their decision and may use the assistance of professionals and a court appointed guardian ad litem. The Court looks to such factors as suitability of each parent, the psychological, emotional and developmental needs of the child, the ability of the parents to communicate with each other, the prior and continuing care the parents have given the child, parental support for the other parent's relationship with the child, the wishes of the child, the safety of the child, the geographic proximity of the parents, any custodial agreements of the parents and any history of abuse or neglect by either parent toward the child or toward each other.

Beth Ann Smith has many years of experience in the Augusta area dealing with custody issues. Beth Ann Smith has represented both fathers and mothers and advocated their rights always maintaining what is in the best interests of the children in the forefront. Beth Ann Smith has represented many fathers who have gained custody of their children. We try to keep your expectations grounded in reality and never make false promises as to what the outcome of a custody case will be.

Child Support

As of January, 2007, the child support law in Georgia has changed to an income sharing model. The calculation, initially, is based on the gross incomes of the both parents. The parent, whom the child does not live with for the majority of time pays a pro-rata share of the Basic Child Support Obligation (BCS0) to the other parent.

The gross income of a parent may be reduced by several factors, such as; child support orders for other children, child care, health care. Because of the many caveats to the BCSO, an attorney should be consulted before presenting the child support calculations to the court for approval.

Modifications of Child Support, Visitation, Custody and Alimony is allowed under Georgia Law based upon changes in circumstances. You should consult with an attorney that specializes in this area to see if you qualify for modification. Our firm has many years of experience in dealing with the issues of child support and modification of child support.

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