Divorce and Family Law is a very technical area that requires special training and expertise.

Because of the highly emotional situations and relationships that are affected by family law, attorneys must be more personal and compassionate in their approach to the legal issues involved in resolving these difficult and emotionally charged cases. Divorce is painful and the process of obtaining a divorce and dealing with the associated issues is complicated. The outcome of your case can have significant repercussions on the emotional and financial dynamics of your family - especially when there are minor children and issues of custody, child support and visitation. It is important that you hire an experienced lawyer that can guide you through the process and one that will zealously protect your rights and represent your interests. Experience counts in this area and our attorneys have that expertise and experience.

Our firm specializes in a wide array of Divorce and Family Law issues. We have spent over twenty years in the practice of Divorce and Family Law
and because we specialize in this area of the law, we believe that we can and will provide you with superior legal representation and the experience you need. We devote ourselves to you and your case. Each client is special. We are experienced in drafting the simplest property settlement agreements to resolving high-asset divorce and child custody disputes. Our attorneys are experienced both in and out of the court room setting.

Our firm also provides civil and domestic mediation services and simple will packages.


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We understand that contemplating divorce is a difficult decision. It can be one of the most challenging decisions that a person must make. We are here to give you personalized attention and representation and to help you understand the steps that have to be taken in making the decision to divorce. We offer a wide array of services to help you during this time.



"Beth Ann is a bulldog who takes no gruff in court. She did not represent me in my original divorce, but for custody revisions. I wish she had. Thankful to have her represent me and would recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best."


"Mrs. Beth Ann Smith is a lovely lady. She worked hard on my case day and night and she won me my 5 year old daughter. She will do everything in her power to get you what you deserve...She's there to help you with any questions you have and she understood what pain and stress I was going through and she was just the best. I would go back to her if I ever need legal help again because I know she will get the job done."


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