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Whether a couple decides to adopt a child that is unrelated to them, a new spouse of a divorced parent decides to take the child as his/her own or the grandparents of children whose parents can no longer take care of them decide to take care of those grandchildren, adoption provides more than a mere guardianship would. There are legal advantages to legitimation; such as, rights of inheritance, but there is also a compelling emotional advantage to both the father and the child. Adoption provides the adoptive parent with all of the legal rights and duties that are found in a parent/child relationship. The parent that terminates his/her parental rights is no longer the parent in the eyes of the law.

Assuming these rights through adoption is a serious step with many implications. These rights do not dissolve with a divorce, so we would ask that anyone seeking an adoption be sincere in their application and appreciate the implications of adoption before taking that step.



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