"We treat our clients like we would want our own family to be treated."


The firm was originally founded by Beth Ann Smith as a sole practitioner in Waynesboro, Georgia. Beth Ann Smith founded this law firm in order to focus her expertise and experience on providing each and every client exceptional and compassionate legal representation in the area of Divorce and Family Law.

Barbara Smith joined the firm in January, 1997 and shares the commitment of Beth Ann Smith in providing our clients with superior professional and ethical legal representation. The client's needs and concerns become ours. We treat each client as we would want a member of our own family to be treated.

The firm moved to Augusta, Georgia in 1997 and has been at the Wheeler Road Executive Center since 2000. The firm is a "family operation" . Beth Ann Smith and Barbara Ann Smith are a mother and daughter legal team. Pamela Gottlieb, business manager, is the sister of Barbara Ann Smith. Pamela Gottlieb joined the firm in 2000 when she moved her family to Augusta, Georgia. Since we are truly a family firm, we can honestly say to you "Let our family take care of your family." Our firm has helped many families resolve their disputes. We will handle every aspect of your family law case and will assist you through every step of the process. We hope that with our experience and commitment to you, we can guide you into making informed decisions about your case.


Our mission and our commitment to you as a client is that we will provide you with the best professional and ethical legal service. We treat our clients like we would want our own family to be treated and are as concerned about your legal issues as though they were our own. We do everything in our power to protect our client's interests and provide them with the very best legal representation. We are tough but at the same time, we are ethical and professional in our dealings with our clients, opposing counsel and the Court. It does not advance the interest of our clients to be unnecessarily antagonistic in dealing with opposing attorneys. Over the more than twenty years in serving the families in this community and the surrounding counties, our practice has been built on quality representation and trust. We pride ourselves on providing the very best legal representation in Divorce and Family Law. Because Divorce and Family Law is our main focus, you will find that our attorneys and our staff have considerable experience and expertise in this specialty.

We listen to our clients, prepare thoroughly and advocate firmly and passionately for your rights. We are here to discuss and outline all possible solutions and outcomes and help you choose a legal strategy that is best for you, tailored to your issues and needs that will effectively and efficiently help you to achieve your goals. Your needs and concerns are uppermost in our minds when we represent you. When you entrust your legal matters to us, you can be assured that your case will be handled with skill, professionalism and passion.

We hope that you find that our Wheeler Road office feels like a home away from home. Our office is a bright and cheery environment specifically designed to help our clients feel comfortable. We are down to earth and offer a compassionate approach to the issues at hand. We understand that people going through a divorce are under a great deal of stress and apprehension and our hope is that we can help them feel at ease and more comfortable in an environment that is warm and nonthreatening.



"Beth Ann is a bulldog who takes no gruff in court. She did not represent me in my original divorce, but for custody revisions. I wish she had. Thankful to have her represent me and would recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best."


"Mrs. Beth Ann Smith is a lovely lady. She worked hard on my case day and night and she won me my 5 year old daughter. She will do everything in her power to get you what you deserve...She's there to help you with any questions you have and she understood what pain and stress I was going through and she was just the best. I would go back to her if I ever need legal help again because I know she will get the job done."


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