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Alimony is the support of one spouse by the other either after the termination of the marriage or during the marriage. Alimony can either be temporary or permanent. A person who has caused the separation of the parties by adultery is barred from receiving alimony from the other spouse.

Georgia law does not require alimony but alimony may be awarded based upon many factors; such as, needs of the spouse, ability to pay alimony and the ability to support oneself, earning capabilities, etc.

Smith & Smith Attorneys at Law have many years of experience in dealing with spousal support and alimony issues in Augusta, GA. We have represented both husbands and wives and advocated their rights.



"Beth Ann is a bulldog who takes no gruff in court. She did not represent me in my original divorce, but for custody revisions. I wish she had. Thankful to have her represent me and would recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best."


"Mrs. Beth Ann Smith is a lovely lady. She worked hard on my case day and night and she won me my 5 year old daughter. She will do everything in her power to get you what you deserve...She's there to help you with any questions you have and she understood what pain and stress I was going through and she was just the best. I would go back to her if I ever need legal help again because I know she will get the job done."


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