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Wills, Living Wills and Power of Attorney In Augusta

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A will is a document which dictates how the properties and assets of a person are to be dispersed and divided after they die. If there is no will, the property of a deceased is divided according to state laws of intestacy. Wills can either be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the person making the will. A person making a will should always be aware of the estate tax implications and for that reason, we may refer a client to an accountant or estate planner.

Wills are not only for the elderly. No one knows when they will die; therefore, it is important for young people to consider making a will; particularly, if there are minor children involved. There are many decisions involving the future support and care of young children that need to be addressed.

A Power of Attorney gives another (grantee) the authority to make decisions about healthcare or finances if the mental and physical ability of the person (grantor) becomes diminished or becomes incapacitated. This document allows another individual to make key decisions for the grantor. The Power of Attorney can be fashioned to be as broad or as narrow as the grantor wishes.

A Living Will describes the intent of the incapacitated person while he is still alive but is unable to articulate his wishes. Generally, a living will directs the hospital and/or doctor involved to remove someone from life support or limit treatment if there is no hope of recovery or attainment of reasonable quality of life. An individual can determine how much or how little medical care and treatment he/she wants to sustain life and save his family members both the emotional grief and money. These are difficult decisions for family members to make and having a living will eases this burden. These decisions should be made by the person who is directly affected by such decisions.

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